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A new direction

from the collection ‘seemingly solid things’

from the collection ‘seemingly solid things’

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For me, the creative process has been a cathartic one, allowing my mind the space needed to develop and to deal with all the trials and tribulations life throws our way. However wonderful I found the practice though there were extraordinary amounts of hours spent alone in the studio so I began to teach others the skills I had developed over the years. The happy byproduct of this was the students coming to me after the classes telling me how calming they found the process and then we would discuss the creative practice in general and how important it was to our well being and to our development.

This was the thinking behind setting up the Art in Mind nonprofit to develop community collaborative art projects with a focus on the benefits a creative practice can have on our mental health. The first project of Art in Mind is called One which is an exploration into the interconnectedness of all things and looks at themes of isolation and loneliness culminating in the connections that we all share.

You can learn more about this adventure on the Art in Mind Website and through the associated social media channels below. Please like, follow and share and if at all possible please contribute to this project. Many thanks and remember, we are one.