Ordo Ab Chao

Flight of Icarus

Turning the darkness into light

We have been told far too often that we are unique and individual. There is truth in this but it is not the entire truth. You are indeed unique, but you are a unique expression of infinite possibility; one breath of pure potential, connected to all that is and from the source of all ‘things’.

From the darkness of despair and anxiety I heard a voice calling me to the answer which was teaching me the right questions to ask. A crazed journey into the outside world armed with questions I could not formulate the all consuming voice told me to stop; take a breath and look within. This is where I caught the first glimpse of the truth that we all are; I saw you, you found me; we are one. 

This is not a new message, it is not prophecy, you will not be given new knowledge but you will recognise the truth when it is put in front of you. The truth ‘is’; even if we do not know it or understand it, it remains what it is and will remain there until we revolve enough times to recognise that which we are. Because I do not understand the way the universe works does not mean it will not work, it is not dependant on my understanding to operate in the miraculous way that it does. 

The cacophony of my mind is not always in constant turmoil. Even without teaching it has its  moments of calm and tranquility. From these moments I saw there was a thread I could cling to, from this thread I saw the fabric of the veil which had masked the truth, we are all one. Discovering the fact a veil existed instantly poised the question; what lies beyond the veil and how do I get there. 


When words fail I no longer struggle to find articulation, I still my mind and quieten my questioning and through the movement of my breath and my hands I begin to open myself to the infinite realm of possibility and create forms in the air. Drawing lines and hemming negative spaces to portray images. Within this space I see the darkness is not just dark, in order for it to be it has to be connected to its opposite; the light. In my melancholy mind of despair I see that this state has to be connected to its counterpart of hope and joy in order to exist. So now the darkness triggers in me the brightest light, and in a mind morose the light of hope shines through. 

Chaos is only so because it has not been observed for long enough. As above, so below; I am the map of the universe with infinite potential and possibility. When I look into your eyes I see myself and all others and I begin to understand how important you are to me and all things. This is the beginning that has no end and started nowhere.