Time for a change…

image credit:   Darach Glennon

image credit: Darach Glennon

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I have been sculpting for nearly two decades now and for the last three of these years teaching as well. Recent circumstances have caused me to completely reassess my life and discover the things that are, and are not, important to me. A number of years ago I realised my process had become focused to a point of being meditative. I investigated and invested in this approach and began to introduce others to it. The results were quite remarkable and this made me curious to see if this was teachable to a wider audience and I began to teach workshops focused on the creation of sculptures but also to see if the calming benefits would be acknowledged by attendees without prompting. To my surprise you could almost time the comments. An hour or so into the workshop someone would comment on the ‘peaceful’ or ‘calming’ quality to the work. I am not claiming that I discovered anything new at all, in fact the more I looked into this the more I learned about ‘flow state’ and ‘being in the zone’ talked about by many artists all through the centuries. What I had stumbled upon was a way to allow people to step out of their every day rut and into a space of creativity and see how much it benefited their mental health well being.

Further investigation and development, combined with an idea I had a few years ago for a large installation, led to the organisation Art in Mind being created. A non profit art house focused on mental health well being through artistic practice. The initial project for Art in Mind is One, a community collaborative sculpture installation exploring the interconnectedness of all things. Through my own practices of sculpture and meditation I caught glimpses of our interconnectedness and wanted to share it and experience it with as many people as possible. Together with a team of like minded people we have begun a journey of epic proportions, join us and explore the possibilities. All proceeds from work sold through this website will now be funnelled into this endeavour to help create projects and spaces for people to come and create.


If you would like to get involved by donating time or money to the organisation please follow this link to the Art in Mind website to learn all the ways you can participate.

I once thought I was alone in this world, then I realised we are all one. You are not alone, we are one.

Thank you